So far, the ODINUS story goes like this:

  • May 24: ODINUS white paper submitted to ESA;
  • July 3: ODINUS grouped in the "Ice Giants" theme . C. Arridge was appointed spokesperson for the 3 white papers;
  • July 12: ODINUS receives ESA's Preliminary Feasibility Assessment ;
  • September 3: ESA's workshop in Paris, the "Ice Giants" theme is presented by C. Arridge;
  • September 8: ODINUS invited to ESA's HQ for further discussion of the "Ice Giants" theme and the mission strategies.
  • September 24: meeting at ESA's HQ with the Senior Survey Committee
  • November 28: ESA selected the themes of the L2 and L3 missions. The "Ice Giants" theme was ranked third and was defined "a timely milestone, fully appropriate for an L class mission" in the Senior Survey Committee report.